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Assorted Knobs

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We have many different knobs in stock.
Check the pictures for which # you want and choose the # in the drop down option before adding to your cart.

Knob #1: 14mm wide x 14mm tall. 1/4" shaft hole. 1.5mm allen key mounting screw.

Knob #2: 20mm wide x 12mm tall. 1/4" shaft hole. Flat head mounting screw.

Knob #3: 14mm wide x 18mm tall. 1/4" shaft hole. Press on tight mounting.

Micro pot knob: 11mm wide x 12mm tall. 1/8" shaft hole. Allen key mounting screw. These knobs fit on the micro pots that come with the variable clock "full" kits without the need of an adapter.

***knob #3 does not fit on the micro pot and adapter. Only on 1/4" shafts.***