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This page is a reference on how you can order a custom Game Boy.

Contact us here to place a custom order.

Check out Hand Held Legend's Game Boy Builder to come up with a color scheme.

You can also send in your own Game Boy to be modified. Please contact us here.

DMG: Modifications and parts for the the Original Game Boy.
MGB: Modifications and parts for the the Game Boy Pocket.
CGB: Modifications and parts for the the Game Boy Color.
SGB: Modifications and parts for the Super Game Boy.

Not all modifications are listed on the website. Scroll down for a complete list.
If you're looking for a modification that is not on the list you can e-mail us at [email protected] or through the contact page on this website. We will get you a quote ASAP.
Once we finalize exactly what you will be getting we will send an invoice via PayPal.

This is a list of Game Boys we offer and their prices:

Original Game Boys (DMG) base prices(backlight included):
Grey DMG: $90
Red DMG:$95
Green DMG: $95
Yellow DMG: $95
Clear DMG: $100
Black DMG: $100

Game Boy Pockets( MGB) base prices(backlight included):
Standard colors: $90
Clear: $100
Silver: $105
Gold: $105
Metalic blue: $110

Game Boy Colors (CGB) base price(frontlight and noise cancellation included):
Standard colors: $100

Super Game Boys (SGB) :
Original/grey: $25 

SGB Pocket (SGBP):
Grey: $35
Red or Black: $40

Game Boy Advances (AGB)  base price(frontlight included)
Standard colors: $90

EVERY Game Boy we sell comes with a brand new screen cover installed!

This is a list of ALL modifications. If you do not see something here that you would like please feel free to contact us.

Backlight (DMG and MGB ONLY): $50
*This is only the cost for a backlight installation if you are sending in your own Game Boy.*

Frontlight (CGB and AGB ONLY): $60
*This is only the cost for a frontlight installation if you are sending in your own Game Boy.*

Game Boy Advance Backlight installation: $120

Built in full MIDI(in/out) Arduino Boy: $130

Bivert : $15
Switchable bivert : $30
On/off switch for backlight : $10
RGB switches : $25
Internal prosound: $10 (using the stock headphone jack)
1/8" pro sound : $15
RCA prosound : $20
1/4" prosound : $25
RGB Backlit buttons  (solid color DMGs only): $50
Case LEDs (clear DMG only) :$30
Half/normal clock speed switch : $25
Variable Clock speed with on/off switch : $35
Foot pedal and start jack: $30 (start LSDJ with a foot pedal)
PS2 socket for LSDJ keyboard : $25
Original or Play-It-Loud(dark grey) buttons: $FREE
NES or SNES buttons: $5
Custom color buttons: $4
Custom color screen covers: $5

* some modifications link to external websites. these links are for reference only since we use and sell other products.